Open Heaven 26 October 2023

Open Heaven 26 October 2023 Topic: No Room For Laziness II

Memory Verse: But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work. (John 5:17)

Bible Reading: Hebrews 4:8-11 (WEB)

For if Joshua had given them rest, he would not have spoken afterward of another day. 

There remains therefore a Sabbath rest for the people of God. 

10 For he who has entered into his rest has himself also rested from his works, as God did from his. 

11 Let’s therefore give diligence to enter into that rest, lest anyone fall after the same example of disobedience.

Open Heaven 25 October 2023

Today’s Open Heaven 26 October 2023

Some people take the work of Christ as an excuse for being lazy. They think that because of God’s many Promises, they can relax and not work.

That is a big lie. Even Paul -the Apostle of grace, worked (1 Corinthians 4:12). Anointed as he was, he laboured with his own hands.

Students who refuse to study but say: “It is written; the Holy Spirit will remind us” should note that He would only remind them of what they have studied.

If you don’t study, what would He remind you of? The youths in our Churches and nations must stop looking for quick money and work diligently.

You have the internet and many things that have made your work easier. Those who work hard never beg. They become strong, wealthy and very great.

Don’t spend all your time on social media or watching television. The people you are watching are working hard to make something of themselves.

Many years ago, I was in my uncle’s house on a visit from school. One day, there were masquerades outside the house, and everyone watched and cheered them while I was studying inside.

He came to me and said, “Won’t you go and see the masquerades?” I responded with a Yoruba proverb translated, “The person who will be watched does not go around watching people”.

My uncle reminded me of that day recently because now, I am being watched. If you want to be great, you cannot be spending countless hours watching videos on social media.

Get out there and work. Some people only pray and fast and then complain when things don’t get better for them. Praying and fasting are not the keys to success; they can only enhance your efforts.

If you put in no effort, then what will it enhance? One million multiplied by zero is equal to zero. One of my sons says that you must pray like you will not work and work like you will not pray.

As prayerful as I am, even at my age, I wake up before the sun is up every morning to work. I don’t say because I prayed for six hours last night, then I should sleep all morning today; that is not how I got to where I am now.

Believe me honestly, if you are lazy, God will not use you. He needs diligent people; that is why Hebrews 11:6 says He only rewards those who diligently seek Him.

Open Heaven 27 October

Today’s Open Heaven 26 October 2023

Points: Work hard today so you would not be a slave to others tomorrow.

Hymn: Rock Of Ages, Cleft For Me

Bible in one year: Luke 11, Luke 12